JLR Reveals ‘Transparent’ Pillar Technology And A Ghostly Guide: Video Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Dec, 16 2014 | 3 Comments

Earlier this year it was a Land Rover concept fitted with a camera-based ‘transparent’ bonnet, and now it’s a Jaguar with see-through pillars and a ghostly guide.

If Jaguar Land Rover is working to make its cars outright invisible, it looks to be off to a good start.

Both systems use camera technology to give the driver a view of the space in front of the vehicle and behind the body's bulky pillars, projecting the image onto the screen and pillars in a way that makes them appear nearly transparent.

In the case of the Land Rover, the image appears on the windscreen, while Jaguar’s A- and B-pillars pillars actually feature embedded screens, matched to cameras mounted outside.

Land Rover’s version is called ‘Transparent Bonnet’, while this new take on the concept is called ‘Jaguar 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’.

The company has also revealed a new ‘Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation’, taking guided navigation into a ghostly new realm.

Rather than follow an on-screen arrow in the dashboard display or make sense of audio instructions, Follow-Me projects a ‘ghost car’ onto the windscreen, giving the driver a more obvious guide.

"If we can keep the driver’s eyes on the road ahead and present information in a non-distracting way, we can help drivers make better decisions in the most demanding and congested driving environments,” Jaguar’s Dr Wolfgang Epple said.

The carmaker has yet to confirm either system for production, but we might expect to see them in next-generation models before the end of the decade.

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