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Trevor Collett | May, 17 2015 | 1 Comment

Jeep is planning a new luxury model to sit above the Grand Cherokee and take on the likes of Land Rover’s Range Rover, according to reports out of the US.

It’s not the first time such a model has been rumoured, with a separate report in March suggesting Jeep was already working on a new model dubbed the “Grand Wagoneer” by company insiders.

And now, Bloomberg reports that Fiat Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne is also on board with the idea, saying the CEO saw the model as a “missed opportunity”.

“When I see a Range Rover on the street, my blood boils, because we should be able to do a thing like that - and we will,” Marchionne said.

2015 Range Rover
2015 Range Rover

A 2018 deadline has reportedly been attached to the project, which raises questions over why the new model wasn’t outlined in FCA’s five-year plan.

Marchionne said that the carmaker was keeping its cards close to its chest on this one, but confirmed the new model was in the pipeline.

The Grand Wagoneer name was circulated around the same time as Marchionne outlined the five-year plan, suggesting that a separate model may in fact sit above the Grand Wagoneer as the new Range Rover rival.

The FCA plan included another new SUV - a Maserati called the Levante - and this new Jeep model could share some of the Maserati’s underpinnings.

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