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Mike Stevens | Dec, 11 2012 | 0 Comments

UPDATE: Jaguar has cancelled the C-X75 project.

Speaking with Britain's What Car?, Jaguar brand director Adrian Hallmark said that in the current economic climate, lauching a car priced between £800,000 and £1 million "would not be appropriate".

Hallmark added that five prototypes were built; with testing in fact still underway, as Jaguar continues to fine-tune various technologies in the C-X75 that could still feature in future production models.

"What we've learned is significant. We've patented 100 technologies," Hallmark told the magazine.

The production future of Jaguar's C-X75 superconcept hangs in the balance, with reports this week that the carmaker is readying its first prototype tests.

Speaking with British magazine Autocar, Jaguar brand director Adrian Hallmark confirmed that the first firing of the coupe's powertrain is nearing, and it was determine the project's fate.

“This part of the development is absolutely unknown," Hallmark said. “We want to do it, but until we know the technology [will work] we cannot be clear."

Jaguar remains cagey on the car's production technology, but early reports suggest power will come from a 1.6 litre engine producing upwards of 373kW - with a little help.

That huge power is expected to come with a push from direct injection, and a turbocharger... and a supercharger... and some electric motors.

Depending on the driving mode, and the intent, that petrol-powered package will then work with an electric motor positioned at each axle.

The high-powered engine will have the ability to drive the rear wheels in tandem with the electric motors for all-wheel-drive grip, but it will also be used to power the generator that will keep the electric motors' lithium-ion battery pack charged.

Driving modes will include all-electric - for around 60 kilometres - and a hybrid mode. For now, at least, the 373kW engine will not be unleashed on its own.

In combined petrol-electric hybrid mode, Autocar claims that Jaguar has confirmed a 0-100km/h time below three seconds. In all-electric mode, less than six seconds.

The powertrain is matched to a seven-speed automated manual trasmission, saving around 100kg compared to a dual-clutch system.

All that is left now, according to Hallmark, is to see if this stupendously complex powertrain will prove reliable enough for production duty.

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