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Kez Casey | Mar, 24 2016 | 0 Comments

While Jaguar’s star continues to rise, helped by product expansion plans that have seen a smaller sedan and the brand’s first ever SUV added to its portfolio, the move to high-volume models sees little love remaining for the discontinued XK.

Previously offered as Jaguar’s aspirational halo, the XK coupe and convertible spanned two generations from 1996 until 2014, however with the smaller F-Type range now offering performance and pricing surpassing that of the XK (in Australia at least) the need for a niche four-seat coupe has become less pressing.

Jaguar’s North American CEO, Joe Eberhardt, describes a potential new XK as a product that would fall beyond the reach of the core luxury market in terms of pricing, with the incremental sales generated not substantial enough to see Jaguar double its sales this year, as it its goal.

Other new additions to the Jaguar line-up are still being considered, although Eberhardt added that a product to fit below the XE was off the table, a sentiment echoed by Jaguar Australia Managing Director, Matthew Wiesner earlier this year.

With growing volume targets a priority the opportunity exists for Jaguar to instead look at adding a second SUV to its range, to slot in beneath the F-Pace that’s set to arrive in Australia later this year.

With the F-Pace already forecast to double Australian sales, the opportunity globally for a smaller ‘E-Pace’ to boost the brand’s sales would be too overwhelming to ignore.

The next program on Jaguar’s launch schedule will be the high-end XJ limousine - approaching seven years in production, and faced with newer rivals in the form of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Series.

While earlier rumours suggested a four seat coupe version of the XJ may appear, to tackle the S-Class coupe, it seems that for now Jaguar will stick with a four-door form, leaving coupe sales to fall to the two-seater F-Type coupe.

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