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Kez Casey | Oct, 06 2016 | 1 Comment

More urban-friendly and affordable vehicles could be part of the long-term plan at Jaguar Land Rover. The British prestige maker is currently in the process of evaluating the potential of a range of cars to sit beneath the current entry-level range..

That’s according to Jaguar Land Rover global sales director Andy Goss, speaking at the Paris Motor Show.

New market opportunity: The Jaguar F-Pace
New market opportunity: The Jaguar F-Pace

No definitive plan has been locked in as yet, but Mr Goss said that market demand is making both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands to investigate new sale opportunities as part of a growth strategy for the two companies, both of which are which are already in the midst of a growth phase triggered by new product.

“When I started in the States from a Jaguar perspective we sold V8 engine rear wheel drive sedans, and now we’ve got an F-Pace, we’ve got a 2.0 litre all wheel drive vehicle, we’ve got XE as an example,” Mr Goss said.

"If you look at Land Rover and pre-evoke people thought Evoke was a bit revolutionary, but nobody bats an eyelid not, and nobody bats an eyelid at Discovery Sport, so we’re already doing that, but it’s got to work. You can’t just do it for the sake of doing that.”

Adding lower-cost vehicles to entice buyers to the brand is just one way JLR could boost sales volumes, but plans for something like an entry-level ‘Jaguar XD’ hatch to compete with the likes of the BMW 1 Series or Mercedes-Benz A-class won’t be approved if JLR’s accountants aren’t satisfied with the return on investment.

How the Jaguar XD could look
How the Jaguar XD could look

But a smaller range of vehicles, be it small hatchbacks, crossovers, or compact SUVs, or potentially all three, spread across Jaguar, Land Rover, and Range Rover and built off a common chassis architecture, is a proposition now being analysed by the company.

“There is actually a move to doing more volume in lower margin segments, and what we’ve got to do is balance the need to keep the two brands in place, so if a business case works, and it doesn’t dilute the brand, and we could afford it, then of course we’d look at it, no doubt.” Mr Goss said.

Though the small car solution for Jaguar Land Rover is still to be decided, it seems likely that as the brand continues to build sales volumes through new products such as the Jaguar XE and F-Pace, further new model lines will be introduced as a way of maintaining growth.

Could a smaller Land Rover appear beneath the Discovery Sport?
Could a smaller Land Rover appear beneath the Discovery Sport?

A new compact range of vehicles won't be arriving any time soon though. The next new model is widely tipped to be a second, smaller SUV from Jaguar to join the range beneath the F-Pace, potentially wearing the E-Pace name and designed to meet the growing global appetite for premium SUVs

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