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Jaguar F-Type Coupe Spied Testing Photo:
2011_jaguar_c_x16_concept_01 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_17 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_02 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_10 Photo: tmr
2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe - Patent Leak? Photo:
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_14 Photo: tmr
2014_jaguar_f_type_coupe_spy_photos_02 Photo: tmr
2011_jaguar_c_x16_concept_06 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_23 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_07 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_20 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_05 Photo: tmr
jaguar_f_type_coupe_patent_leak_04 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_15 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_21 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_03 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_08 Photo: tmr
jaguar_f_type_coupe_patent_leak_05 Photo: tmr
2011_jaguar_c_x16_concept_02 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_26 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_08 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_16 Photo: tmr
2014_jaguar_f_type_coupe_spy_photos_04 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_19 Photo: tmr
2014 Jaguar F-Type Coupe - Spy Photos Photo:
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_02 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_11 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_16 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_06 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_06 Photo: tmr
jaguar_f_type_coupe_patent_leak_07 Photo: tmr
2011_jaguar_c_x16_concept_03 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_22 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_12 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_12 Photo: tmr
2014_jaguar_f_type_coupe_spy_photos_03 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_18 Photo: tmr
2014_jaguar_f_type_coupe_spy_photos_06 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_04 Photo: tmr
2013 Jaguar F-Type - Overseas Photo:
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_10 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_19 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_09 Photo: tmr
jaguar_f_type_coupe_patent_leak_06 Photo: tmr
2011_jaguar_c_x16_concept_04 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_24 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_01 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_15 Photo: tmr
2014_jaguar_f_type_coupe_spy_photos_00a Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_13 Photo: tmr
2014_jaguar_f_type_coupe_spy_photos_05 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_01_1 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_27 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_13 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_07 Photo: tmr
jaguar_f_type_coupe_patent_leak_01 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_18 Photo: tmr
2011_jaguar_c_x16_concept_05 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_20 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_04 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_11 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_17 Photo: tmr
2014_jaguar_f_type_coupe_spy_photos_01 Photo: tmr
2011_jaguar_c_x16_concept_07 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_25 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_09 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_21 Photo: tmr
2012_jaguar_c_x16_concept_03 Photo: tmr
jaguar_f_type_coupe_patent_leak_02 Photo: tmr
2013_jaguar_f_type_overseas_14 Photo: tmr
TMR Team | Jun, 20 2013 | 1 Comment

Jaguar's upcoming F-Type Coupe has been spied testing at the famed Nurburgring this week, confirming the authenticity of recent patent application images.

As expected - and as with the current Roadster model - the Coupe will come to market with few styling changes, maintaining much of the original C-X16 concept's look.

It is also likely that the Coupe will swap the concept's opening window hatch for a larger and more practical tailgate opening, with a retractable wing mounted in the lip.

The F-Type Coupe's mechanical setup will mirror the Roadster, with powerful six- and eight-cylinder engine options and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Coupe is also expected to debut an entry-level 2.0 litre four-cylinder option, taking the 180kW engine currently featured in the Range Rover evoque.

Reports suggest the F-Type Coupe will make its production debut in the next 12 months, although an announcement has yet to be made.

The F-Type Roadster will go on sale in Australia this year, priced from $139,000 and topping out at $202,300 (plus on-roads).

MORE: All the details on the new F-TYPE.

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