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Jaguar F-Pace To Help Double Jaguar Sales In Australia Photo:

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Tony O'Kane | Feb, 08 2016 | 1 Comment

Jaguar sales in Australia are expected to almost double once the British brand's first-ever SUV model, the F-Pace, lands here in August.

Its arrival will give Jaguar a toehold in the booming SUV market, a market that it has traditionally stayed out of and treated as the exclusive domain of corporate cousins Land Rover and Range Rover. With SUV sales stronger than ever, Jaguar Australia is forecasting a windfall.

"We'll sell easily in excess of a thousand units a year, no question," Jaguar Australia Managing Director Matthew Wiesner said to TMR.

"I’m surprised with the level of commitment we’ve had already, especially as we haven’t started our pre-launch campaign yet. We're approaching 100 orders already."

It's fortuitous timing for Jaguar. Sales of medium SUVs (the category which the F-Pace will belong to) are grew last year by 15.7 percent, but sales of medium SUVs above $60,000 ballooned by a whopping 35.9 percent.

Australia's appetite for luxury SUVs is swelling at a great rate, and Jaguar is in prime position to snare itself some of that action.

And with Jaguar selling just under 1300 cars in 2015, the addition of an extra 1000 F-Pace sales - along with more volume from the just-launched all new Jaguar XF range - should see it nearly double the thickness of its sales ledger in 2017.

But beyond merely helping to expand sales numbers, Wiesner says the F-Pace will play a critical role in broadening the appeal of the Jaguar brand - a brand which has traditionally been the darling of older males.

"Jaguar’s role becomes more important as Jaguar becomes more relevant," Wiesner said. "We’ll have products that are positioned in the right segments that are more relevant to what people want to buy today."

"We’re kind of very male-skewed with the products we have in Jaguar right now, What F-Pace does is it starts to open us open us up to a far broader audience, female buyers in particular."

The Jaguar F-Pace will launch locally in August this year with prices beginning at $74,340 for the entry-spec F-Pace 20d Prestige and topping out at $120,700 for the 280kW supercharged F-Pace First Edition.

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