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Trevor Collett | Sep, 13 2016 | 2 Comments

Jaguar is reportedly on the verge of unveiling an all-electric SUV, with the covers set to come off the new model before the end of the year.

Based loosely on Jaguar’s midsized F-Pace SUV, the new model could wear the logical ‘E-Pace’ badge previously trademarked by Jaguar Land Rover.

But the EV SUV may step down in size from the F-Pace (pictured, above, during testing), with the UK’s Autocar reporting a compact-sized SUV is a more likely fit.

While customers may get their first taste of the E-Pace before the end of 2016, they may have to wait until 2018 to take delivery, should they order one.

The E-Pace will likely share components with a similar EV SUV set to wear the Land Rover badge - dubbed Evoque_e by its maker last year.

If JLR’s prototype is anything to go by, the E-Pace may carry a 70kWh battery pack powering a pair of electric motors - one front, one rear - to equip the SUV with all-wheel-drive.

Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque

The front motor could produce around 85kW while the rear would be good for 145kW. Total output would therefore top-out at 230kW, but a real-world figure closer to 200kW may be more likely.

Torque output is unknown, but the battery pack would reportedly target a maximum range of up to 480km. Power could reach the wheels via a ZF-sourced two-speed automatic transmission.

JLR previously said its prototype electric motor design was around 60 percent cheaper than those used by other carmakers, while service life could be up to 30 percent longer.

Jaguar fans are also being assured that the EV SUV will be worthy of the name, with the focus said to be on driving dynamics and performance above all else.

Styling will reflect this, with the E-Pace set to feature a low roofline as part of an aggressive look.

Jaguar recently announced it will ramp-up its involvement in the all-electric Formula E racing series, potentially setting up the timing for an E-Pace announcement which could follow soon.

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