Infiniti Reveals Emerg-E Name For New Sports Concept Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Feb, 03 2012 | 0 Comments

Infiniti has been teasing details of its upcoming electric sports car for a number of months; a trio of close-up photos offering the only clues as to its styling.

Now, the car has a name: Emerg-E, a play both on its electric powertrain and the brand's recent trend to sporty e-named concepts. Think Etherea hatch, and the Essence sports concept.

The latter could also provide a hint of the Emerg-e's styling, with today's new brush-painted silhouette offering a glimpse of the concept's coupe shape - along with the now familiar kink in the rear quarter window.

While the new concept might draw some inspiration from the Essence, Infiniti says it will utilise a new platform unique to the Emerg-E.

Power will be delivered by an electric motor and petrol range-extender engine will utilise technology that's new to the brand.

Similar in concept to GM's Chevrolet/Holden Volt, the Emerg-E will be propelled by its powerful electric motor exclusively, with the petrol engine kicking in only to recharge the batteries when needed.

More precise details have yet to be revealed. Expect more information and images to surface in the lead-up to the sports car concept's Geneva Motor Show debut.

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