Infiniti Emerg-E Sports Hybrid Concept Revealed In Patent Images Photo:
infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_01 Photo: tmr
infiniti-essence_17.jpg Photo: tmr
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infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_patent_leak_01 Photo: tmr
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infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_patent_leak_05_1 Photo: tmr
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infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_patent_leak_05 Photo: tmr
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infiniti_electric_sports_concept_01 Photo: tmr
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Infiniti Emerg-E Concept - Patent Leak Photo:
infiniti-essence_04.jpg Photo: tmr
infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_patent_leak_06 Photo: tmr
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infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_patent_leak_01_1 Photo: tmr
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infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_patent_leak_03_1 Photo: tmr
infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_patent_leak_03 Photo: tmr
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infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_patent_leak_02 Photo: tmr
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infiniti-essence_12.jpg Photo: tmr
infiniti_emerg_e_electric_sports_concept_patent_leak_02_1 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Feb, 14 2012 | 0 Comments

Infiniti's new mid-'engined' sports concept has reportedly emerged this week, courtesy of a series of computer-generated images that form part of the carmaker's patent application.

The images appear to offer a first glimpse at the Emerge-E's styling, although certain elements - including the squashed C-pillar, flat front-end and subtly different rear end - suggest the concept has taken on some changes since these 'new' renderings were created.

Nissan's luxury arm has yet to reveal any of the fine details on the car, although it has confirmed that the concept will focus on electric power, and it will be known as the Emerg-E.

"Infiniti already has hybrid and clean diesel models on sale. And with an all-electric sedan on the way, the natural next step was to push the boundaries where performance and the environment intersect," Nissan Vice President, Andy Palmer said.

For now, it is known that a range-extended electric powertrain will be featured, likely pairing an electric motor - the primary source of power - with a small petrol engine kicking in only to recharge the batteries when needed.

The Emerg-E will make its official debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show. Stay tuned to TMR for more details as they... emerge.

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