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Hyundai has issued a recall in Australia for its i45 and Santa Fe models, due to a potential engine problem.

Vehicles fitted with the 2.4 litre GDi four-cylinder petrol engine may be subject to contamination from debris during the manufacturing process.

Should this have occurred, prolonged running of the engine while contaminated may cause it to suddenly fail while driving, potentially creating a hazard for the vehicle occupants and other road users.

A total of 9205 i45s and 473 Santa Fes are on the recall list for Australia.

The recall process will include a diagnostic test. Engines deemed to have failed the test will be replaced, but Hyundai Australia expects the failure rate to be low.

Hyundai will attempt to contact affected owners shortly, but any owner wishing to learn more should contact their local dealer.

Meanwhile Volvo has issued a recall for its XC90 SUV, fitted with seven seats.

Vehicles from the 2017 model-year (58 in total in Australia) may have a weakened seatbelt pre-tensioner.

While the seatbelt and pre-tensioner should operate as intended during a collision, Volvo reports that a small part of the pre-tensioner assembly may come loose as a result.

The loose component would then move about the cabin during the collision, potentially injuring one or more vehicle occupants.

Volvo said no such incidents have been recorded in Australia, and the chances of injury to passengers should the component come loose are low.

The offending belt is located on the right-hand side of the third seating row, and it will be replaced under the recall program.

Volvo will attempt to contact affected owners shortly, but any owner wishing to learn more about the latest round of recalls should contact their local dealer.

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