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TMR Team | Sep, 20 2017 | 0 Comments

Hyundai has confimed it will finally climb aboard the commercial pickup carousel, but not until after 2020.

Currently Australia's third best-selling carmaker, a ute has been seen as Hyundai's 'missing link' to challenge Mazda and Toyota for outright sales glory - both of which offer one or more pickups in their local ranges.

And that gap will be filled for Hyundai Australia, but not before several years of thumb-twiddling for the local office.

“We’ve been talking about it for a number of years,” Hyundai Australia COO, Scott Grant, said.

"HMC [Hyundai Motor Corporation] has been listening, typically, but not necessarily taking a lot of action due to other priorities in other markets and other developments."

One such priority is the compact Santa Cruz pickup for the US market, which follows the concept (pictured) of the same name from 2015.

“About 12-18 months ago, HMC begun its own study for developing a light commercial vehicle, for our part of the market as well as what North America would like," Scott said.

"You’ve seen the developments for North America [Santa Cruz] and that is not applicable to our market, but our market program is still in development and we’re confident in having a pickup on the other side of 2020.”

Other priorities for Hyundai include launching the Genesis luxury sub-brand around the world, and investing alternative powertrains including hydrogen fuel cell and its Ioniq hybrid and electric vehicle range.

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