Hyundai Lines Up Twin-Turbo V6 To Replace Genesis Sedan's 5.0 V8 Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Apr, 07 2015 | 4 Comments

Hyundai will look to a new twin-turbo petrol V6 as a replacement for its big 5.0 litre ‘Tau’ V8 in an ongoing shift toward smaller and more efficient engines.

The first appearance of that new mill is expected to come as part of an update to the new Genesis sedan in 2017 or 2018, Hyundai America boss Dave Zuchowski told press in New York this week.

In its current form, the new Genesis is offered in the US with the flagship 313kW 5.0 litre V8 and a 232kW naturally-aspirated 3.8 V6, the latter being the only powertrain available to Australian buyers.

It is believed that the company’s new twin-turbo six will be based on the 3.3 litre 'Lambda II' engine already offered with a number of Hyundai-Kia models.

Above: the 2013 HND-9 concept featured a 270kW turbo 3.3 V6.
Above: the 2013 HND-9 concept featured a 270kW turbo 3.3 V6.

Such a mill has already been previewed, with Hyundai’s Geneis Coupe-previewing 2013 HND-9 concept driven by a 270kW version of the new engine. The company also detailed the engine earlier this year, highlighting a 513Nm torque figure.

In the Genesis sedan, the new twin-turbo engine is expected to produce comparable outputs to the big 5.0 V8 engine, while dramatically improving fuel figures.

The move to a smaller powerplant forms part of Hyundai’s plan to meet tightening fuel consumption and emissions regulations in global markets.

Above: the 1.6 turbo Tucson will hit Australia later this year.
Above: the 1.6 turbo Tucson will hit Australia later this year.

Hyundai's newly unveiled 2016 Tucson SUV will also benefit from this program, with Australian models destined to be powered by a 130kW 1.6 litre turbo engine in place of the naturally-aspirated 136kW 2.4 litre currently offered with the ix35.

"You're going to see smaller displacement, more use of turbocharging. A lot of it is weight-related, all of it is CAFE (the US market's Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard) related,” Zuchowski told industry paper Automotive News this week.

Figures to the end of March show 158 sales this year for the Genesis in Australia, compared to 318 for Holden's Caprice and 188 for the Chrysler 300.

Both of the Hyundai's key rivals offer big-power eight-cylinder engines, suggesting that a Genesis flagship with comparable outputs and lower fuel figures could prove to be an appealing point of difference for local buyers.

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