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Mike Stevens | Oct, 23 2014 | 18 Comments

Hyundai’s premium new Genesis may not boast the prestige pedigree of its rivals, but when the sedan launches here next month it will do so as Australia’s safest car.

Achieving an ‘Overall’ score of 36.88 out of a possible 37 this week, the Genesis is the highest-scoring car in the Australasian New Car Assessment Program’s 21-year history.

The last vehicle to score so highly with ANCAP was the Mercedes B-Class in 2012, which achieved a 36.78 result.

Hyundai’s high score, which means a top 5-Star safety rating, included a front offset score of 15.88 out of 16 and the maximum 2 out of 2 in the pole test.

In responding to the results, Hyundai said that structural integrity and strength was a top priority when development of this new second-generation Genesis began six years ago.

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As with many of its more premium rivals, high-strength steel features throughout the Genesis sedan’s body, with a focus on achieving top results in worldwide safety tests - including the controversial ‘small overlap’ test of America’s IIHS.

The record-breaking ANCAP score is drawn not only from the Genesis sedan’s performance in impact tests, however, but also the list of safety features equipped with the car.

“This is one of the first times we have seen the word ‘Standard’ listed against almost every safety feature on our checklist,” ANCAP Chairman Lauchlan McIntosh said.

Standard kit with Australian-delivered Genesis sedans will include nine airbags, Adaptive Cruise Control, Electronic Brake Distribution, Electronic Stability Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Lane support system, Pre-safe systems, Reversing collision avoidance and an Active lift (pop-up) bonnet.

Emergency Stop Signal and LED daytime lights are also standard, along with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

The Genesis will make its Australian debut next month, with pricing expected to start from around $50-60,000.

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