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Mike Stevens | Oct, 21 2014 | 2 Comments

Hyundai is reportedly wrestling with the idea of a new two-door offering that could slot in below the next-generation Genesis Coupe.

According to the UK’s Autocar, Hyundai Europe boss Allan Rushforth, who will soon leave for a role with Nissan, has confirmed that the Korean carmaker is keen for such a model but it remains undecided.

Rushforth told the website that lifestyle models like the Audi TT “create huge demand when they’re new”, but that the appeal is hard to sustain.

“It’s about demographics, too. The buyers of the old Coupé [and the following generation sold in Australia as the Tiburon] no longer want these cars," Rushforth said.

If Hyundai does move to introduce a new coupe model, it would likely enter as a more affordable alternative to the Genesis Coupe, which is expected to go further upmarket than the current model in quality, capability and price.

Such a model, which likely would not appear until later this decade at the earliest, could also replace the Veloster. (The hatch-like aspects of the unique Veloster might instead be addressed with a hotted-up i30 variant.)

But, despite its expected position as a more affordable sports option, we might not have to expect another underpowered front-wheel-drive coupe.

And, if March’s 199kW PassoCorto concept is anything to go by, we could be in for something wild indeed.

Hyundai is unlikely to make a decision before unleashing the next Genesis Coupe, though. So, for now, we wait.

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