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Hyundai has displayed its new ‘augmented reality’ windscreen at the Consumer Electronics Show, demonstrating a potential view of the future from the driver’s seat.

Using a stand-in screen resting at the nose of a stationary Hyundai Genesis, the Korean carmaker demonstrated the data and safety features of its latest technology in a virtual sense.

Simple data such as vehicle speed, direction and navigation instructions feature in the windscreen’s display, along with a range of somewhat futuristic warnings.

Surrounding vehicles changing lanes, pedestrians crossing the road and even a medical emergency afflicting the driver will all attract attention from the screen, prompting suitable warnings or instructions.

Such features may one day replace the likes of lane-change assist lights in side-mounted rear-view mirrors, and could arguably heighten a driver’s alertness when compared with a standard windscreen.

Some elements of the augmented reality screen are currently available to Hyundai customers through existing head-up displays, and the carmaker says the remaining features are already commercially feasible.

Jaguar Land Rover is also working on a similar windscreen concept, having demonstrated its laser head-up display at last year’s Paris Motor Show.

The JLR version also features a ‘track’ mode allowing the driver to ‘race’ a virtual opponent, and could one day compliment the carmaker’s transparent pillar technology.

Video via Kelley Blue Book

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