HSV Gen-F Details Spill Online: 430kW GTS Flagship Photo:
TMR Team | May, 02 2013 | 20 Comments

Details of HSV's upcoming Gen-F range have surfaced online today, with a broken embargo smashing open the scheduled May 15 announcement.

UPDATE - MAY 15: Click here for the full official breakdown on the new GTS.

Among the details is confirmation of reports that the new GTS flagship will be powered by a version of the Camaro ZL1's supercharged 6.2 LSA V8 engine, producing 430kW and 740Nm of torque.

The power increase represents a massive 32 percent hike over the current GTS, while also bettering the 412kW of the BMW M5.

HSV's new powerhouse hero will also get big aluminium six-piston front brakes with track-ready discs, while a new torque-vectoring rear differential will work to keep the big sedan in check.

The 'regular' end of the new HSV Gen-F range will continue with the current 317kW/550Nm 6.2 LS3, while R8 models - Maloo ute and Clubsport sedan - will get power upped to 325kW.

A sub-GTS 'SV' package will also be offered, giving buyers a boost to 340kW an 570Nm.

The news means HSV fans will have a couple of options for staring down their FPV rivals, with the hero GT R-SPEC offering a still-impressive 335kW and 575Nm.

Performance details for the new HSV range remain a secret for now, although it is likely the GTS will offer a 0-100km/h time better than the strictly-unofficial 4.5 second sprint applied to the GT R-SPEC.

Those figures should make the new GTS the performance bargain-buy of the century, with a price tag of around $95,000 expected.

Watch for more details to come - officially - later this month.

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