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Trevor Collett | Oct, 18 2016 | 0 Comments

The SUV craze is slowly working its way into all market segments already occupied by traditional passenger cars, and Honda is the latest to expand its portfolio.

Previewed in a single sketch is the new Honda WR-V, which will sit below the HR-V as a sub-compact model for markets in South America.

Honda says customer research in the WR-V’s target markets suggests the sub-compact model will be a sales success, with customers seeking a “tough and urban” SUV design.

Respondents were also said to enjoy active lifestyles, while preferring smaller SUV models. The WR-V name stands for “Winsome Runabout Vehicle”.

Honda HR-V
Honda HR-V

The sketch suggest the production version will share at least some of its outward appearance with the larger HR-V, along with Honda’s other small cars - such as the City.

Styling appears to be skewed toward a younger audience, with a more aggressive design than that of the HR-V. While the two will not compete, a similar approach was taken by Audi with the design of its youth-oriented compact Q2 SUV.

The all-new model is set to make its global debut at the Sao Paulo Motor Show next month.

Australian customers who like the look and the idea of a Honda WR-V will have to get busy writing to the Japanese carmaker, as the model is destined only for South America at this stage.

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