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Connor Stephenson | Nov, 06 2015 | 0 Comments

Honda describes Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles as the “technical bridge to a zero emissions world”.

It foresees a future in which they will be used for city driving, while FCVs like its compelling Clarity will be the long-distance cruisers.

The company claims its next PHEV, which will share a platform with the Clarity, is focused on being able to run on battery power only for longer, with the engine kicking-in to make nasty old emissions far less often.

Under the bonnet of Honda's Accord Hybrid
Under the bonnet of Honda's Accord Hybrid

Honda is claiming an EV driving distance of around 70km for its upcoming PHEV, plus an ability to work in electric-only mode, even at highway speeds.

It’s not far off, but this new and as yet unnamed Honda PHEV will arrive in 2017.

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