Holden Trax Turbo Confirmed: 1.4 Engine Coming To Local Compact SUV Photo:
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Tim O'Brien | Jun, 18 2014 | 0 Comments

Holden Director of Sales and Marketing Phillip Brook today confirmed that the free-spinning 1.4 turbo petrol is headed under the bonnet of the strong-selling Trax.

"Trax is doing well in the small SUV segment. This segment is really going," he said. "We'll have the 1.4 turbo coming (to join the range) later this year."

That snippet, that has just emerged from a Holden media day at 'The Farm' in NSW, is good news for Trax buyers. The 1.4 turbo is a terrific little engine. It transformed the Cruze when slotted into its nose.

It will likely also transform the Trax. Already one of the most appealing buys in this relatively new but burgeoning segment, having the little turbo under the bonnet will give it genuine 'sports-SUV' cred.

Performance to match its funky good looks? Yep, I'd think so.

The 1.4 turbo engine is already standard with the Trax in its US-market Chevrolet form, along with their 'German' twin the Opel Mokka.

In the Cruze and in the Chevrolet Trax, the 1.4 turbo unit produces the same 103kW as the Holden Trax's current naturally-aspirated 1.8 litre engine, but boosts torque from 175Nm at 3800rpm to 200Nm from 1850-4900rpm.

Fuel economy will likewise be improved. With the 1.8 engine, the Trax lists fuel use at 7.0 (manual) and 7.6 (auto) l/100km respectively. In the Cruze, the 1.4 engine lists fuel use at 6.8 l/100km.

Among the Trax's rivals are Ford's EcoSport - available with 1.0 litre 89kW and 1.5 litre 82kW engines, and the Peugeot 2008 with 60kW 1.2 and 88kW 1.6 petrol engines and a 68kW 1.6 diesel.

Watch for more details on this upgraded Trax range to come soon.

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