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Mike Stevens | Apr, 24 2015 | 10 Comments

Chevrolet’s all-new electrified Volt will not come to Australia, Holden has confirmed.

Speaking with TMR today, Holden spokesperson Kate Lonsdale said that the new model will be built in left-hand-drive only, effectively ruling out an Australian launch.

But, don't go running to the tissues just yet, there may yet be a round-about chance for the new Volt in Australia.

If Chevrolet’s GM Europe counterpart Opel builds a new Volt-based Ampera, a right-hand-drive program for UK subsidiary Vauxhall could give the Volt new life here as part of Holden’s plan to take new models from the Opel operation.

For now, though, we can only speculate, and the cost of importing an electric vehicle produced in Germany could again rule out any local potential.

Today’s news also marks the end of Volt availability in Australia, just about: apart from one demonstrator available in Perth, Holden is now sold out of its allocation.

The end of Volt supply means that sales for 2015 will end at just 10 units, with Holden moving fewer than 300 Volt cars in its three years on the local market.

But, at $59,990 before on-roads, in one of the few western markets where customers cannot take advantage of rebates or tax breaks on EVs, Holden knew the Volt was never going to be a top seller.

“Volt was never intended to be a volume seller in Australia,” Ms Lonsdale said, adding that its purpose was “always niche, introducing Holden and our customers to new technologies”.

The company remains committed, as much as it can be, to its toe-in-the-water electric vehicle program, promising ongoing support for existing Volt owners.

“Current generation Volt production has now ceased however Holden is committed to supporting Volt customers and will ensure specialist Holden Volt Service Centres will continue to be comprehensively trained to complete the highest quality servicing,” the company said in a statement today.

“Service centres will also retain access to the complete range of Holden Volt genuine parts.”

As with the Volt, GM’s recently revealed and production-bound Bolt hatch is on Holden’s radar for a local release.

But, with no official word yet on a right-hand-drive schedule, there’s likewise no word on the chances that we’ll see it here.

Until word comes, Holden will now rejoin the overwhelming majority of carmakers that do not offer an alternative-fuel model in their line-up.

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