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Tim O'Brien | Jan, 24 2015 | 16 Comments

You may have noticed that The Motor Report has been ‘down’, or loading slowly, for the past few days.

On Tuesday night, we came under massive DDoS attack. We don’t know who or what is behind it, but have worked frantically to fend it off.

Unfortunately, it succeeded in virtually shutting us down for two and a half days.

Hopefully, we’ve now got it licked (no sleep for our server admins, but we kept them fed with the occasional slab of meat pushed across the floor with a stick).

But now we need your help. Any extended outage like this can damage our online standing, and we have a lot of rebuilding to do with the major search engines.

You may be aware, or not, that The Motor Report is a ‘top five’ automotive editorial site in Australia, and we are absolutely and entirely independent.

And, alone among the top five, we have never, not once, ‘bought’ traffic. That makes us unique among the major automotive news sites in Australia.

We have grown entirely off search and the loyalty of our army of readers - that’s you, and we thank you deeply for it.

We’re now asking you for your help in rebuilding.

You can help easily: if you haven’t already ‘liked’ us on Facebook, or are not following us on Twitter, Instagram or Google+, can you do it now?

Every new link will help us recover, and will also keep you instantly up to date with the very latest in new car releases, reviews and industry news.

And, maybe you can invite a friend.

We remain deeply grateful for the loyalty you have shown us, for the banter and occasional jousting in the comments, and for your support over the past seven years.

We’ll keep punching. We’re featherweights taking on the heavyweight corporates, but we’re proudly independent and we think that you might value that too.

The Motor Report will be announcing our Best Buy Award 2015 on Monday, Australia Day.

Look out for that one; there’s always some disagreement and debate over any “best car” award, and we’ll welcome your comments.

Our best wishes for 2015, and thanks again for your support.

Tim O’Brien
Publisher and Managing Editor - The Motor Report.

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