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Kez Casey | Jun, 08 2016 | 0 Comments

Chinese SUV manufacturer, Haval, has announced discounted driveaway pricing offers in the brand’s first Australian stocktake sale.

The limited EOFY offer sees discounted pricing and driveaway deals available across the entire Haval range.

Starting at $23,990 for the two-wheel-drive H2 Premium manual, the cheapest Haval kicks off from $1000 less than the previous $24,990 driveaway offer which began in March. Moving up in the range, the two-wheel-drive H2 LUX manual costs $25,990.

Haval H2 LUX
Haval H2 LUX

Adding a six-speed automatic to either vehicles adds an extra $1000, again representing a saving over pre-stocktake prices with the previous automatic pricing set at $2000.

The all-wheel-drive H2 range is now priced from $26,490 for the Premium and $28,490 for the LUX, with both cars available solely with a manual transmission.

Haval H8 Premium
Haval H8 Premium

Haval’s large H8 range now kicks off from $38,990 for the H8 Premium 4x2, $41,990 for the H8 premium AWD, and $44,990 for the H8 LUX AWD, essentially including free on-roads for the Premium models.

The H8 LUX price is trimmed by a further $4000 compared to the regular RRP.

The off-road ready H9 Premium also picks up free on-roads with a driveaway price of $46,490, while the H9 LUX starts at $49,990 driveaway, or $1000 off compared to the regular RRP.

Haval H9 LUX
Haval H9 LUX

“Our company motto is ‘improve little by little every day’. We are confident this new pricing strategy will continue to improve our standing with local customers,” Haval Australia managing director, Parker Shi said.

“We are a young company, but a company that learns fast, and we have learnt very quickly that Australian customers appreciate a good deal when they see it.”

All discounts come on top of the savings for on-road costs, which can vary from state-to-state, from as little as $750 for the H2 to as much as over $3300 for a H9 LUX (in WA).

Haval’s standard five-year 100,000km warranty, and five-year roadside assist program remains in place, as does its service price menu which we’ve covered in greater detail with our H8 review and H9 review.

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