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Trevor Collett | Jun, 02 2016 | 7 Comments

Haval has declared that the diesel’s days are numbered, as the carmaker outlines a new strategy that will see all of its models powered by petrol engines.

Following key meetings at Haval’s head office in China, which included Haval Australia representatives, the company decided all future models will carry turbocharged petrol engines matched with automatic transmissions.

Further, Haval said the turbo-petrol engine range would be joined by petrol-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric powertrains in the “very near future”.

“The debate about diesel power was a long and robust one,” Haval Australia’s Tim Smith said.

“Ultimately the future of that fuel has been decided by the market, the actions of other companies and a growing push for more stringent clean air policies.”

Mr Smith cited India’s move to ban diesel engines with a capacity greater than 2.0 litres in passenger cars from this year, saying the engine as an entity had “reached its zenith”.

Haval H9
Haval H9

“Our team of engineers made a clear case they believe the development of diesel engines had reached its zenith and the era of smaller, more fuel efficient petrol engines and powerful hybrid and electric engines was upon us,” Smith said.

“We left head office very excited by the future prospects for engine development and what it means for the Australian market.”

Also fitting for the Australian market, said Mr Smith, is Haval’s decision to ditch the manual gearbox, with all future models to be matched only with automatic transmissions.

Currently, only Haval’s smallest model in the Australian market - the H2 - is available with a manual gearbox (a six-speed unit).

The H2 manual has previously been offered at the special drive-away price of $24,990. With this week's announcement, the model is now officially in run-out.

Haval H2
Haval H2

The decision to go petrol-auto has also killed off any prospect of a diesel-powered H9 model. The H9 is Haval’s largest SUV, and the local office had previously argued the case for a diesel model for the Australian market to HQ in China.

Besides the H2 manual, now in run-out, Haval’s local range is already powered only by petrol engines matched exclusively with automatics.

The new policy, therefore, would have meant no changes in Haval’s local showrooms, but now the carmaker has confirmed that the new H6 model is coming to Australia in September.

The H6 will, naturally, be offered with a petrol-powered engine, but its auto transmission companion will be a six-speed dual-clutch unit.

Haval’s sister company, Great Wall, will continue to offer diesel engines in its commercial vehicles, including the new pickup model set to arrive in Australia later this year.

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