Only Half Of US Motorists Believe Speeding Unacceptable: NHTSA Survey Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Dec, 31 2013 | 3 Comments

Only half of all respondents to a survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the US believe speeding is a problem, while just less than one fifth exceed the speed limit as often as possible.

A phone survey by the administration of 6144 US households provided a series of statements, such as “I enjoy the feeling of driving fast” and asked respondents whether they agreed or disagreed (25 percent agreed with that statement).

Around 48 percent believed that “speeding in the US is a problem requiring attention from authorities”, while 16 percent said they get where they’re going “as fast as I can”.

The results were mixed for other statements, with around 80 percent agreeing that driving near the speed limit makes it easier to avoid danger, while 25 percent agreed that “speeding is something I do without thinking”.

The vast majority (91percent) agreed that “everyone should obey the speed limit, because it’s the law” - rather than because they felt it would make their journey safer.

Male drivers admitted to speeding more than females, while drivers in the 16-20 year-old age bracket admitted to speeding more than any other group.

Four percent of respondents admitted to one speed-related collision in the last five years, which rises to 11 percent in the 16-20 year-old group, despite many of these drivers having less than five years of experience.

The NHTSA believes that speeding accounts for around one third of road fatalities in the US each year.

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