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Trevor Collett | Aug, 13 2014 | 3 Comments

Insurance comparison company Comparethemarket has compiled a list of Australia’s most stolen cars last year, called ‘Grand Theft Australia’.

Holden VT Commodore owners should be wary as it’s your car that thieves target most with 966 stolen last year; although the fact that Holden sold nearly half a million of them back in the day means thieves are spoiled for choice.

Strong sales could also be behind the VE Commodore’s second-placing in the list on 830, likewise the Hyundai Excel (758) in third and VX Commodore (600) in fourth.

The Toyota HiLux (573) is the fifth most stolen car, and also the most stolen commercial vehicle.

There were 43,380 passenger cars and light commercials stolen in Australia last year – 156 each day - with 32 percent of those stolen in New South Wales (13,780).

Victoria is next on 23 percent followed by Queensland on 21 percent, while Tasmania and the Northern Territory both saw two percent of thefts and the ACT just one percent.

Further analysis shows 48 percent of vehicles were stolen from a residence, 31 percent were stolen between 8 PM and midnight and 75 percent of stolen passenger vehicles were recovered.

Over 30 percent were stolen on a Friday or Saturday, 50 stolen cars were turned into scrap metal each week while another 20 were exported.

Other vehicles stolen last year included 92 buses, 59 tractors, five bulldozers, 43 forklifts and one crane.

According to Comparethemarket (link opens in new window), it all adds up to over half a billion dollars in value – enough to buy a Hawaiian island or 12 examples of a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.

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