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Germany Boosting EV Charging Network: Report Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Jan, 01 2015 | 1 Comment

Germany will reportedly step up its plan to have one million electric cars on the road by 2020, through a new program aimed at boosting EV charging stations.

Reuters reports that the country’s Transport Ministry has circulated an internal document, stating that growth in charging infrastructure would boost the public’s confidence in electric vehicles.

As such, Germany plans to dramatically increase its current EV charging network, but how many additional stations it plans to install is unclear at this stage.

Germany currently has around 400 fast-charging stations and 4800 ‘normal’ stations, servicing its current population of 24,000 vehicles that require a plug-in service.

Along with the push for more charging stations, the German government has hinted it may soften its stance against tax-payer funded incentives for potential EV customers.

A report released earlier this month concluded that a lack of financial incentives was partly to blame for Germany falling well short of its goal of 100,000 EV sales last year.

The country’s autobahn network would reportedly be targeted for better EV infrastructure, via a partnership with Tank And Rast who run the network’s 400-odd rest stops.

A target of 2017 has been suggested for charging stations to be present at each of the rest stops, and the electricity feeding those stations is eventually set to become as green as the vehicles it powers.

Additional solar, wind, and hydro-electric energy will be used throughout the German electricity grid, with green methods currently comprising 25 percent of power generated.

Germany has already passed legislation allowing EVs to use bus lanes and access preferred parking.

Infrastructure and government incentives for electric vehicles are bones of contention in numerous markets besides Germany. Nissan here has called on the Australian Government ‘to do more’ to foster EV sales and ownership.

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