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GENEVA MOTOR SHOW | Subaru XV Concept Revealed Photo:

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Kez Casey | Mar, 02 2016 | 1 Comment

The design study precursor to the next generation Subaru XV has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, forecasting the look of Subaru’s next compact crossover.

As expected from the earlier teaser, the XV Concept follows the lead of the current production XV by taking the bodywork of the Impreza hatch and adding a veneer of off-road readiness with some beefier styling cues.

Dubbed ‘Dynamic X Solid’ Subaru’s design language takes the svelte bodywork of last year’s Impreza hatch concept and adds additional cladding to the wheel arches and bumpers, a more pronounced grille, roof rails, unique alloy wheels, and a raised ride height.

Otherwise, the five-door body stays the same as the Impreza hatch concept, with its strongly defined shoulder line and hawkeye LED head and tail lights.

In concept form the XV is slightly larger than the current model, with an overall length of 4520mm (70mm longer) width of 1920mm (140mm wider) and a height of 1570mm (45mm lower).

Other than that, Subaru is keeping other details about the XV to itself, with no powertrain details made available. Whispers around the Geneva stand suggest that Subaru will likely employ a hybrid assisted all wheel drive system.

Similarly there’s no been no mention of the interior, or the technology it might include, but now that Subaru has shown concept models of the Impreza hatch and sedan, as well as the XV, an interior precursor is the logical next-step.

As for a production model, the current generation Impreza family first emerged in 2011, meaning it should see out another two years before being replaced. Expect a staggered introduction with the Impreza range arriving ahead of the XV.

As for that sleek concept styling, Subaru is a track record of making some pretty major changes from concept to production, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the next generation Impreza and XV make the transition without too many differences.

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