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Kez Casey | May, 20 2016 | 0 Comments

Hyundai announced the impending separation of its Genesis luxury arm into a stand-alone luxury brand late in 2015, but plans for the BMW-rival are already on the gallop.

The brand has released its G90 flagship (known as the EQ900 in Korea), announced that the existing Hyundai Genesis will become the G80, and previewed the C-Class rivalling G70 with the recent New York Concept - but now a more comprehensive product list has been uncovered.

In an image taken from an internal presentation and leaked by The Korean Car Blog, Hyundai confirms that the Genesis range will introduce five new models to join the current G90 by 2020.

Genesis G90
Genesis G90

The first two additions to the Genesis range include the G80 and G70, set to arrive “by 2017” according to the text accompanying the image, meaning Genesis should be ready to roll both products out before the end of the year overseas.

Between 2017 and 2020 Genesis will introduce a Mid-Luxury SUV and Near-Luxury SUV, in other words SUV variants to align with the G80 and G70 - although it remains to be seen if those vehicles will be built off the Genesis rear wheel drive platform, or an existing Hyundai base, like the Santa Fe and Tucson respectively.

The final product on the list is a mid-premium coupe. By the description it could be a two-door version of the G70 sedan, but the G70 name isn’t used in the presentation, opening the possibility of a distinctly different vehicle (at least stylistically) to act as a lower-priced halo for the range.

Hyundai’s current Genesis coupe, recently discontinued in the USA and Korea, doesn’t quite match the luxury aspirations of the premium brand, so the new model is expected to deliver a big boost in quality and refinement.

Genesis New York Concept
Genesis New York Concept

As for the engines to be used in the expanded range, the snapped slide doesn’t given any real hints, with the accompanying text describing “innovative technologies which will set the standard for performance and eco-friendliness”.

If the high-powered hybrid powertrain of the New York Concept is any indication of what’s to come, it looks like Hyundai will be able to deliver on that promise.

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