Full-Size ‘Some Assembly Required’ Lego McLaren 720S Arrives At Goodwood Photo:
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Want to get hands-on with McLaren’s latest supercar? Attendees at this weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed will be able to, with an invitation to help complete the assembly of a special orange 720S.

This particular version isn’t built from the usual carbon fibre and aluminium construction though, but instead features exotic-sounding acrylonitrile butadiene styrene bodywork, otherwise known as ABS plastic in the form of humble Lego bricks.

The 1:1 scale 720S has been created to celebrate the launch of the Lego Speed Champions McLaren 720S miniature set (you can pick one up at Australian toy retailers for under $25), but unlike the mini-set this 720S requires over 267,300 brick to build.

The real deal: the McLaren 720S in its natural state.
The real deal: the McLaren 720S in its natural state.

Lego’s design for the full-size 720S has been developed using McLaren’s own CAD data to ensure the finished product looks as close as possible to the real thing, but at 1.6 tonnes the lego version is over 300 kilograms heavier than the real thing.

Visitors to the Goodwood Festival of Speed will also be given the opportunity to help complete the build, with the model arriving incomplete, requiring 12,700 bricks to reach completion.

To reach its ‘almost ready’ stage a team of six Lego Master Builders spent over 2000 hours building the 720S over a steel structure making the 12 working days it takes to assemble a road-going 720S look like a drop in the ocean.

Underneath the Lego 720S the builders have decided to upgrade the rolling stock slightly. While Lego may be the largest producer of tyres in the world, Pirelli’s Colour Edition P Zero Corsa tyres with silver graphics are used on the display car.

McLaren will reveal more images of the project via its social media pages over the coming days.

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