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TMR Team | Jul, 15 2013 | 6 Comments

Australian fuel price tracking service MotorMouth has launched a new app for iPhone and Android users this week.

Distilling some of the most useful features of the MotorMouth website into a mobile format, the new app is designed to give motorists the most up-to-date fuel price information.

The app displays fuel price data at local (using your phone's GPS function) and city levels, listing "the price buyers should be looking to buy below", along with data for the past 30 days and a forecast for the next seven.

The app does not, however, list current prices for specific sites. For that feature, you'll still need to visit the website.

"While not giving site specific price information, this app provides motorists with an easy way to determine the “climate” of the market
and helps them determine a good time to buy," the service said today.

"Understanding that price is only one factor of the purchasing decision, the app also displays where services stations are located, the facilities and fuel types available at each outlet, details of any special offers and directions on how to get there."

MotorMouth says the app calls on data from every capital city and more than 300 regional/country centres. The information available in the app is updated every 15 minutes.

But, at $2.99 for the app, the lack of site-specific pricing information may prove a detterant for some users.

Speaking with TMR today, MotorMouth's Tim Rankin confirmed the feature could appear in a future update.

"Unfortunately we don’t have all the data, so it would be a misrepresentation of the market to show some prices and not others. We may look at including site specifics in future," Mr Rankin said.

MotorMouth's fuel price app is available in the Google Play store for Android, and the iTunes App Store for iPhone.

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