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Trevor Collett | Feb, 04 2015 | 12 Comments

New data suggests the recent fuel price plunge has come to an end, temporarily at least, as the average per-litre rate begins to rise in some Australian capital cities.

Fuel watch group MotorMouth is urging motorists to “fill up now”, as its price-monitoring service begins to see an upward trend in prices for E10 ethanol-blended fuel in Sydney and regular unleaded in Brisbane.

It’s been a long holiday from the usual weekly ‘price cycle’ for Australian motorists, with a gap spanning 12 weeks since the last price rise.

The price war on oil at present has seen fuel prices dip below $1.00 per litre in various parts of the country, but some of these service stations are now back above the dollar-mark.

The average price in Sydney and Brisbane is now hovering around 118.9 cents per litre at some service stations.

“Everyone remember the ‘Golden Rule’ - if it is low, fill up, and if it is high, top up,” MotorMouth’s Alan Cadd said.

MotorMouth says price movements in Melbourne and Adelaide suggest they could be the next capital cities to see prices rise.

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