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Robert De Niro, star of Raging Bull, Goodfellas and dozens of other blockbusters, has confirmed he will play Enzo Ferrari in a big-budget film of the motoring legend’s life.

"For me it is an honour and a joy to tell the life of an extraordinary man who revolutionised the automotive world and across historical periods,” De Niro told Italian paper Il Messaggero this week.

The biopic will follow the life and career of ‘il Commendatore’ from the post-war founding of the Ferrari company to his final days in the 1980s.

De Niro’s own Tribeca Enterprises will partner with producer Gianna Bozzacchi’s Triworld Cinema to develop the film, titled simply ‘Ferrari’.

"It will have a high budget and will cover a wide span, from 1945 to the eighties in a twisted game of eras and episodes," Bozzacchi told the paper.

Ferrari is scheduled to hit cinemas in late 2016, and while the producers have yet to decide on a director, Clint Eastwood is understood to have expressed interest.

Although undoubtedly the most expensive, this will not be the first film to explore Enzo Ferrari’s life.

A 2003 telemovie covers Ferrari’s journey from racer to businessman, including his time with Alfa Romeo and his experiences during World War 2. See the trailer for that film below.

The protagonist of popular HBO TV series Entourage, Vincent Chase, was also cast as a young Enzo in a fictional biopic by the same name that De Niro will now star in.

No word on whether Entourage star Adrian Grenier will appear in De Niro's film...

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