Friday Most Common Day For Crashes: RACQ Photo:
Malcolm Flynn | Jul, 19 2012 | 0 Comments

RACQ is warning motorists that when it comes to our roads, every Friday might as well be ‘black’ Friday.

Queensland’s peak motoring body points to new insurance claims data that reveals Friday as the most common day for vehicle crashes to occur.

This data suggests that motorists are 17 percent more likely to have a collision on a Friday - some 22 percent above the average for other days.

According to the data, the peak danger period is between 3pm and 7pm, as many drivers end their working week with thoughts of the weekend rather than the road ahead.

"Peak traffic flow periods on Fridays are often extended as many motorists choose to get an early start to the weekend while those socialising after work leave later than normal”, RACQ’s Mike Sopinski said.

Pedictably, wet weather not only increased the risk of collision, but also extended the peak danger period to 9pm.

"Drivers must use good judgement and not drive if their mind is distracted with work or other issues," Sopinski said.

"If rain is predicted, it’s also important for them to slow down, use their headlights to improve visibility for themselves and others, and to avoid tailenders by increasing the distance between their car and the one in front," Sopinski added.

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