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Mike Stevens | Mar, 19 2014 | 5 Comments

Ford's next-generation Taurus, expected late next year, will reportedly adopt the ‘CD4’ platform that underpins the new Mondeo and Lincoln MKZ models.

According to US website Edmunds, the new platform will be made wider and longer for the larger Taurus, stretching both the wheelbase and the rear overhang.

The enlarged platform, which will likely also underpin the new Explorer SUV, will make the next Taurus lighter and more fuel efficient than the current model.

The sixth-generation Taurus, launched in 2009, is based on a Volvo platform that originally used aluminium components for reduced weights, while ford went with less expensive - but heavier - steel elements.

"The problem with today's Taurus is that it is overweight and even the high performance SHO is not really competitive," an unnamed insider told the website.

"With all the power from the (272kW) V6 EcoBoost, it is pretty hard to overcome the amount of mass that the SHO has to move."

The source added that the SHO "weighs about as much as the stretched Audi A8 L. Audi uses an extensive amount of aluminum, but it is a much bigger car.”

Switching to the CD4 platform will also form part of Ford’s global ‘One Ford’ program, opening the door to European markets - and to Australia, where a replacement for the Falcon is still to be confirmed.

It is expected that Ford Australia will initially look to the incoming new Mondeo to act as the Falcon’s replacement, but a larger new-generation Taurus could also prove appealing for the company’s local arm.

Above: the new Mondeo, sold as the Fusion in the US.
Above: the new Mondeo, sold as the Fusion in the US.

The new Mondeo, due here next year, is only a little smaller than the FG Falcon - and in fact sits on a wheelbase 12mm longer than the Falcon's.

The current Taurus is a front-wheel-drive car primarily, although all-wheel-drive options are also available, and that arrangement is likely to continue with the new model.

For now, Ford Australia remains quiet on its post-Falcon family-car plans, but with the new Mondeo due here next year, the company will likely hold off on a Taurus decision until the smaller car is properly bedded in the local market.

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