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Ford Ranger Steel Bullbar Mounting Bolt Recall Announced Photo:
2014_ford_ranger_4x4_drive_day_05 Photo: tmr
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2014 Ford Ranger - 4x4 Off-Road Review Gallery Photo:
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2014_ford_ranger_4x4_drive_day_59 Photo: tmr
2014_ford_ranger_4x4_drive_day_32 Photo: tmr
2014_ford_ranger_4x4_drive_day_12 Photo: tmr
Kez Casey | Jul, 30 2015 | 1 Comment

Ford Australia has this week announced a recall for the mounting bolts used on genuine accessory steel bullbars fitted to the PX Ranger.

According to the recall notice, the four mounting bolts that secure the bullbar to the vehicle may not meet specifications and may fracture.

Owners are advised to drive with caution and at moderate speed until their vehicles can be rectified.

597 vehicles are affected. Rangers fitted with either Ford’s genuine alloy nudge bar or alloy bull bar are not affected by this recall.

Ford will attempt to contact affected owners in writing, but any owner wishing to learn more about this recall should contact their local dealer.

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