Ford Punishes 2015 F-150 Alloy Tub Using... Sports? Photo:

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Tony O'Kane | Jan, 02 2015 | 4 Comments

To silence critics of the new F-150's all-aluminium body, Ford has decided to demonstrate the resilience of its top-selling truck's cargo bed by using four elite sportsmen and a variety of projectiles.

We won't spoil the outcome of the video (though the fact Ford saw fit to release it is a pretty strong clue about how the alloy-bodied F-150 fared), but if you commonly associate aluminium with beer cans and cooking foil you may want to watch it.

The new F-150's alloy construction helps it weigh a huge 317kg less than its predecessor, thanks to the truck bed, cabin and front bodywork being made from aluminium.

The F-150's ladderframe chassis is still made from steel.

The V8 engine option is now 5.0 litres rather than 6.2, and there's a new turbo 2.7 litre Ecoboost V6 at the lower end of the range.

A 3.5 naturally-aspirated petrol V6 engine is the new entry-level motor and the 3.5 litre turbocharged Ecoboost V6 carries over as the mid-grade powertrain.

Golfball-resistant aluminium isn't the new F-150's only fuel-saving party trick though, with electric power steering and engine start-stop on the 2.7 litre variant also there to keep the big American truck's thirst at bay.

However, while the new F-150 is expected to be one of Ford's most popular models in North America, it's one of few new models from the automaker that isn't part of the brand's One Ford global product strategy.

As such, an official Australian release is not likely.

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