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Ford Mustang To Offer Dual-Clutch Automatic Photo:

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Kez Casey | Oct, 10 2016 | 1 Comment

With manual transmissions slowly becoming relics of the past, details have emerged of a potential new dual-clutch auto option for the Ford Mustang.

The report has surfaced on Ford forum mustang6g.com, and has also been cited by US publication Road and Track. According to the reports, a dual-clutch automatic option will be made available for the high powered Mustang Shelby GT350 and track-spec Shelby GT350R.

Both of these top-spec performance models are currently supplied with six-speed manual only.

More upsetting for Aussie Mustang fans, however, is that both are excluded for sale in Australia - for the time being at least.

But what about the ten-speed automatic Ford and GM have co-developed, ready to roll in the F-150 Raptor and Camaro ZL-1? That transmission is still likely to make its way into the Mustang range, but unlike Chevrolet’s flagship billing for the ten-speed auto, Ford will offer it in lower-output versions of the Mustang.

It’s not yet known if the dual-clutch auto Ford intends to use features six or seven speeds, or if it will be a development of the seven-speed dual-clutch unit to be used in the Ford GT supercar.

In its current form, the Mustang Shelby GT350R generates 392kW from its naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V8, rides on MagneRide adjustable dampers, and Aussie-built Carbon Revolution wheels.

It also achieves weight-saving gains thanks to the deletion of the rear seat, stereo, and boot trim (though they can be optioned back in).

The roll-out of either the ten-speed auto, or the new dual-clutch transmission is also shrouded in secrecy, though it seems likely Ford will hold both revisions off for a planned 2018 model year update that’s set to arrive later in 2017.

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