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Tim O'Brien | May, 17 2013 | 7 Comments

Ford's all-new 1.0 litre EcoSport, that we drove in India at its Australian media launch earlier this week, has unexpectedly had its 'Emergency Assist' feature already put to the test.

Yesterday, our time, it would appear that one among the international media contingent - not from Australia - fell victim to India's unusually chaotic roads... or maybe it was a random cow (there's quite a few of those about), or maybe just lousy driving skills (there's a bit of that too).

Car '6', seen here, found its way onto its side somewhere along the Goan test route with a caved-in front left quarter, and all airbags deployed.

We don't know who among the waves of international media is now walking around with, reportedly, just a little minor bruising to the ego and a very red face.

It did however give the EcoSport's standard-fit Emergency Assist feature a chance to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Operated off Ford's Microsoft developed SYNC communication platform, Emergency Assist is automatically activated via the user's Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone when an airbag is deployed, or the emergency fuel pump is shut off.

It sends an emergency signal with the vehicle's location pin-pointed via GPS to the nearest emergency services.

In this incident, an ambulance reportedly arrived with medical help within just 5 minutes.

How does it work? Click image to view.
How does it work? Click image to view.

Ford may not be entirely happy with its mangled car, but perhaps could not have chosen a better nor effective way to demonstrate this key fuction of the EcoSport which is fitted as standard to its new little SUV.

With SYNC, the car's communication features can be operated by voice commands - connecting to the smartphone, the audio playlist, the user's phonebook, audio streaming, in making and receiving calls, and a host of other features - like Emergency Assist.

Well done that man.

Photo: Stuff (India)

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