Ford To Announce Broadmeadows And Geelong Plants To Close Photo:

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Tim O'Brien | May, 23 2013 | 5 Comments

UPDATE: Full details and updated information relating to this news is now available in this new article: click here.

In less than half-an-hour, Ford Australia is expected to announce the date for the shut-down of its Australian manufacturing operations.

Ford was today expected to release its FY financial results.

But with sales of the Falcon the lowest they have been since the very early days of its manufacturing operation here, tracking to total sales of just 10,000 units for 2013, and sales of the Territory tracking to just 15,000 – on top of years of declining market share – no-one in the market has been expecting other than a substantial loss.

At 10:45am today, Ford Australian boss Bob Graziano is expected to announce the closures of both Broadmeadows assembly operations and the Geelong engine plant.

The Motor Report will keep you updated as more news comes to hand. We will be joining the media announcement at Ford’s Broadmeadows headquarters.

Last year, Ford Australia posted a record $290million after-tax operating loss.

This year, on the back of further declines in sales of its local products, and despite the strong sales performance of the Fiesta and Focus small cars, its position may be expected to have deteriorated further.

Ford of course, on the receipt of a $34 million Government assistance package in July last year, has committed to the Australian Government to continue manufacturing to 2016. That commitment is not expected to change.

UPDATE: Full details of this news are now available in this new article: click here.

Ford internationally, is a $140billion company. What is certain, is that no Australian Government has a pocket deep enough to divert the boardroom behind a company of that size and with a global strategy of ‘One Ford’ – with products, platforms, engines and technologies shared across and common to all areas of its global manufacturing operations.

Falcon and Territory – perhaps the best cars ever produced by this country – have found themselves out of step with the parent, out of favour in the market, and simply out of time.

In announcing last year’s operating loss, Bob Graziano said, "We're confident we're making the right decisions, albeit tough ones, for the future of our business.”

This announcement with this decision might be the toughest of all.

UPDATE: Full details of this news are now available in this new article: click here.

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