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Rumours of a partnership between Ford and Google are getting louder, with the hot tip pointing to an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show.

A partnership between the pair would likely concentrate on self-driving cars, with Google’s foray into the automotive field almost solely focused on autonomous technology to date.

Google has made no secret of its desire to forge an alliance with one or more major players in the carmaking business, and now a report from US industry paper Automotive News is the latest to back Ford as the chosen partner.

The koala-nosed city car (pictured, top of page) is Google’s only attempt at building its own car to date, but Ford would likely assist with a more ‘conventional’ design for Google’s first road-going model.

Eager early adopters for a new car wearing a Google badge could therefore expect an all-new model, rather than a rebadged Ford.

Ford Fusion (Mondeo) Hybrid Autonomous Test Vehicle
Ford Fusion (Mondeo) Hybrid Autonomous Test Vehicle

The car would pack all of Google’s autonomous know-how from its millions of miles of testing, and Ford could fast-track its own self-driven models as part of the agreement. Ford could also draw on Google’s experience to enhance its in-car tech.

The report quotes unnamed sources indicating Ford and Google are still nutting out the finer details of the partnership, but an announcement could come as soon as next week.

Failing an announcement at the CES, the Detroit Auto Show could instead be the chosen event for an official announcement. Both parties refused to comment when approached.

Ford CEO Mark Fields said earlier this month that Ford was open about its search for technical partners, such as Google.

Fields said it was “arrogant” for Ford to think it could develop all aspects of its technology alone, and partnerships were “really important”.

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