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Film company Dreamworks has released its first 'behind the scenes' video for the upcoming Need For Speed movie, starring the world's quickest sports, muscle and super rides.

McLaren's new P1 hypercar has already been spied on the set, and this latest video reveals a number of other key stars (of the four-wheeled variety) that will appear in the film.

Among them will be a special new wide-body Mustang, built not by an aftermarket tuner, but as part of a direct collaboration between Dreamworks and Ford.

This is no small thing for local Ford fans, either, with speculation in the past year that the next-generation Mustang, promised to finally offer a right-hand-drive option, will finally come to Australian showrooms.

In the film, the big coupe will get massively pumped guards, a 'twin nostril' bonnet and massive 22-inch alloys, all wrapped around a supercharged V8 - although specifics on that powerplant haven't been revealed.

"Ford is excited to partner with DreamWorks and Electronic Arts as they bring the epic gaming franchise of ‘Need For Speed’ to the big screen, allowing us to go further with them as they tell their great story on the global stage," Ford's Jim Farley said.

The Need For Speed film's flesh-and-blood stars will include Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, along with British stars Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poot, and Hollywood veteran Michael Keaton.

Act of Valor director Scott Waugh will helm the film, working with a script written by George and John Gatins - the latter brother being responsible for the recent Hugh Jackman children's flick, Real Steel.

Details of the plot are still to be revealed, although reports have suggested the script will draw on the recent Need For Speed: The Run game, which sees character Jack Rourke pursued by the mob as he races to win a $25 million prize and clear the bounty on his head.

The more recent Need For Speed: Most Wanted could also offer some inspiration for the film, with some of the world's most desireable supercars chased across a metropolitan landscape by the boys in blue.


Need For Speed: Rivals

Elsewhere in the NFS franchise, licence owner Electronic Arts has launched a new trailer for the next chapter in the games series: Rivals.

Destined for XBOX One and PlayStation 4 releases, Rivals will allow players to hunt or be hunted, playing as either cops or street racers.

Advanced new connectivity controls will be also be featured, allowing plays to play independent missions in the same realm as friends, or team up on partner missions.

The game will also feature Ferrari's new F12 Berlinetta, thanks to a specific partnership with the Italian marque.

Rivals is set to launch on XBOX One later this year, and PS4 in the new year.

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