Fiat Ottimo Hatch Joins Viaggio Sedan Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Nov, 22 2013 | 4 Comments


Italian carmaker Fiat has revealed a new hatch companion to its Viaggio sedan, unveiling the Ottimo hatch at this week's Guangzhou Auto Show in China.

As with the Viaggio, the Ottimo shares its underpinnings - and a few key styling elements - with the US-market Dodge Dart, revealed early last year.

The Ottimo also debuts a subtle facelift for the Viaggio's established styling, introducing a slim new grille and a redesigned bumper.

A unique tail-light design is also featured, although its unclear if this look will cross over to the Viaggio sedan.


Viaggio/Ottimo or Dart for Australia?

The Dart has failed to take off in the American market, far outsold by the Honda Civic, Ford Focus and Toyota Corolla, and the China-focused Viaggio has delivered little better.

Whether we'll see the Dart nee Viaggio in Australia remains to be seen, although neither is currently offered in right-hand-drive and slow sales are unlikely to inspire expansion into new markets.

The debut of the Ottimo is bound to help however, with five-door models making up the majority of small-car sales in most regions.

If the Ottimo proves successful in China, expansion into the right-hand-drive Indian market would be the next step, opening the door to an Australian debut.

Given the Viaggio essentially differs from the Dart only in styling details, Fiat Chrysler Group Australia could likely choose between Dodge and Fiat brands to market the model.

The Dart name has a history in Australia, where it was originally offered in the form of the Dodge Phoenix. A later version of the car appeared as the Chrysler Valiant VF and VG coupe.

The all-new Dart may share little with its forebears, but it could prove a welcome offering in Australia's strong-selling small car segment.

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