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TMR Team | Jul, 28 2017 | 0 Comments

Warranty coverage looks set to becomes the next battlefield amongst Australia’s automotive industry with factory warranties that vary between a ho-hum three years up to an industry-leading seven years on Kia vehicles - but new Ferrari has arrived to usurp them all.

The Italian supercar constructor has just revealed a whopping 15 year warranty plan, called New Power 15 - just the thing to ensure ongoing aftersales support for a range of cars with price tags that rival property prices in Australia.

Unlike Kia’s long-range warranty New Power 15 isn’t a regular factory-backed warranty though, instead allowing owners of both new and approved pre-owned models to extend the standard three-year warranty all the way until the car's 15th year of life.

The program works through a series of steps: Owners will first need to extend the standard three-year warranty to five years, from there a package covering years six to twelve needs to be added, and from that point an annual extension package can be added up to the 15 year mark.

The last part of the warranty program from the 12th to the 15th year isn’t a full ‘bumper to bumper’ warranty though, rather it covers specific vehicle components like the engine, gearbox, suspension and steering.

Ferrari hasn't released prices of the various extended warranty programs. The new program doesn’t alter Ferrari's existing seven-year service program which sees the cost of standard servicing included in the purchase price.

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