FCC4 Is Fiat’s Response To The Four-door Coupe SUV Trend Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Oct, 29 2014 | 5 Comments

Fiat is the latest brand to jump on the four-door coupe SUV bandwagon (is that a wagon with an SUV on it? - Ed), revealing the FCC4 concept in Brazil this week.

Designed for the Sao Paulo Auto Show, the FCC4 is a response, in its own quirky way, to models like the BMW X6 and the coming Mercedes GLE Coupe.

Those brands aren’t alone in exploring the fledgling genre, however, with concepts like the Audi Nanuk Quattro and the Italdesign Parcour boasting a similar jacked-up coupe design.

For the FCC4, Fiat’s Design Centre Latam has nearly gone down the dual-cab sports pickup route, with only the glass canopy keeping the concept from packing some lumber and a wheel barrow.

The FCC4’s technical details are hush-hush for now, although the carmaker has revealed some sizeable dimensions: 5 metres long, 1.94 metres wide and 1.63m tall.

We shouldn’t hold our breath for this one to enter production, but we might see a hint of this concept’s face in the company’s upcoming Mazda-based roadster - if reports of that model switching from the Alfa brand to Fiat are authentic, that is.

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