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FCAI Launches 'Genuine Is Best' Website Photo:
Tony O'Kane | Jun, 02 2015 | 1 Comment

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has this week launched its 'Genuine Is Best' website, an online resource designed to educate motorists on the importance of using genuine parts when repairing or maintaining their vehicle.

While it unashamedly peddles the message that non-genuine parts will be the downfall of your car, SUV or commercial (the FCAI is, after all, the mouthpiece of automotive manufacturers), many new car warranties are voided by the use of non-genuine parts.

But is it safe to put that bootleg Chinese-made waterpump on your 2002 Holden Astra? According to the FCAI, not so much.

"A genuine part is made or selected by the vehicle maker and is tested as an integral component of the vehicle to ensure quality and safety," said FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber.

"Non-genuine parts can’t necessarily promise this quality and safety."

"Keeping your car safe and reliable begins with knowing what a genuine part is. A genuine part is new and comes approved or recommended by the vehicle manufacturer."

For many car owners - particularly those whose vehicle is well outside of the warranty period - keeping the cost of maintenance low is often far more important than the source of the parts used.

Similarly, accident repairers and insurers who use non-genuine or salvaged parts are another target of the Genuine Is Best site.

According to the FCAI, insurance product disclosure statements describing "new parts" often mean "new aftermarket parts", and that repair quality may be compromised as a result.

Have no idea if your mechanic or insurance company uses non-genuine parts? The site can educate you on what to look out for. If you're interested in ensuring the long-term longevity of your car, it's definitely worth a read.

Visit the Genuine Is Best website HERE.

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