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Trevor Collett | Aug, 15 2017 | 1 Comment

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles may have finally found a buyer, and once again it’s China that may stump up the cash to take control of another global carmaker.

Industry paper Automotive News reports an anonymous but reportedly well-known group from China offered to buy FCA as recently as this month.

The offer was said to be FCA’s perceived worth with a small premium on top. FCA reportedly rejected the offer.

The unknown carmaker taking an interest in FCA remains a mystery, but Dongfeng, Geely and Guangzhou auto groups have all been suggested.

And the interest from Chinese investors doesn’t end there, with FCA representatives said to have visited China this month to negotiate with another Chinese carmaker - Great Wall.

2017 Great Wall Steed
2017 Great Wall Steed

FCA has made no secret of its desire to form a partnership with another global carmaker, as CEO Sergio Marchionne has voiced publicly more than once.

General Motors, Volkswagen Group and even Apple and Google have all reportedly appeared on Marchionne’s list of ‘must answer’ phone contacts in recent years, but to date, no deals have been made public.

China is still enjoying a boom in its automotive industry, and associated sales - one that has lasted for several years. But Chinese authorities are keen to see the boom continue, and have reportedly ordered local manufacturers to look beyond the People’s Republic for new sources of business.

Should the sale be realised, the Chinese buyers will have to do without Italian brands Alfa Romeo and Maserati. FCA is said to be willing to hand over its Jeep, Chrysler, RAM, Dodge and Fiat brands, but Alfa and Maserati would remain as-is (at least for now).

Watch this space.

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