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Faster Tesla Model S P100D Flagship To Join Updated Range Photo:

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Kez Casey | Apr, 12 2016 | 1 Comment

If the 3.0 second 0-100 km/h time of the 2016 Tesla Model S P90D isn’t quite impressive enough for you, hold onto your hat - an even faster P100D flagship is on the way.

As reported by TMR in March, the P100D is expected to raise the bar for Tesla’s flagship sedan, dropping sprint times below 3.0 seconds for Ludicrous Mode-equipped models, lifting the current car’s 397kW power output and 505km range.

The new variant, as decrypted by a US software hacker exploring a Tesla firmware update (illegally, we'd guess), will likely take the place of the current P90D, and continue to offer dual-motor, all-wheel-drive grip.

The shape of things to come: The Tesla Model 3
The shape of things to come: The Tesla Model 3

At the same time, the Model S range will be treated to a mid-life update that will bring exterior styling into line with the more recently introduced Model X SUV and smaller Model 3 sedan.

Changes are set to see the blacked-out front applique of the Model S reduced in size, while new front and rear lights, new exterior paint colours, and new alloy wheel designs will complete the makeover.

Inside, Tesla will turn its attention to adding more storage to the previously minimalist interior, with new door pockets, and a higher lidded centre-console taking the place of the open tray that currently fills the space between the front seats.

The Model X is set to donate its interior tech
The Model X is set to donate its interior tech

The seats themselves are also likely to see an upgrade, borrowing from the Model X, which features the availability of heated and cooled seats in place of the heated-only seats of the Model S.

Another Model X spec highlight, ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’ cabin air-filtration, will also make its way onto the Model S, capable of filtering out bacteria, viruses, allergens, and smog at levels hundreds of times higher than regular cabin air-filters.

A price rise is also tipped to arrive with the updated Model S when it debuts late in 2016. pricing for the current range starts at $122,208 for the Model S 70, up to $197,738 for the current Model S P90D before on-roads.

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