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Fast Charging Network For EVs To Be Built Around Brisbane, Gold Coast Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Nov, 12 2014 | 1 Comment

A fast-charging network for electric cars and plug-in hybrids is to be established along a 430km corridor in Queensland’s South East.

Brisbane-based Tritium is behind the move, calling it the ‘Fast Cities Network’.

EV fast-chargers will be installed in locations stretching from Noosa in the north to Byron Bay (NSW) in the south and west to Toowoomba - 12 stations in total, at an estimated cost of $450,000.

Locations will concentrate on traffic using the Bruce and Pacific Highways following the coast, along with the Warrego Highway to the west which includes a station in Ipswich.

Tritium says this network will meet the travel needs of around 95 percent of Queensland’s South East population, and is urging ‘corporate Australia’ to support the project.

“Australia - ahead of the world in so many areas - is lagging behind as a nation in the uptake of electric vehicles, which have been shown to make an enormous contribution to creating cleaner, healthier cities,” Tritium’s Paul Sernia said.

“We are launching this initiative as a global demonstration of how to operate and run a fast-charging EV network beyond just one population centre. EVs are coming, and it’s something councils around the world need to deal with.”

Click above image to view full map
Click above image to view full map

Mr Sernia said he hoped other provinces would look to Queensland in the future as a leader in “e-mobility” implementation, and that Tritium is keen to partner with any car club, business or civic association interested in hosting a charging station.

Tritium will use its award-winning Veefil fast charger along the network, which is currently the only EV charger designed and manufactured in Australia.

Veefil can add 50km of driving range to an EV’s battery pack in 10 minutes - something Tritium says would take a conventional wall socket three hours to achieve.

Tritium will be hoping for more success than Israeli company, Better Place, which had begun establishing an Australian charging network (and was widely established globally) before filing for bankruptcy last year.

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