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Fangio To Be Dug-Up For DNA Paternity Test Photo:
Tim O'Brien | Jul, 15 2015 | 1 Comment

Those F1 tragics who missed seeing Juan Manual Fangio in his lifetime, may yet get another chance.

Provided they can don a white coat and inveigle their way into an Argentinian mortuary. It is perhaps the greatest of indignities, but an Argentine judge has ordered the late motorsport star's exhumation to settle a paternity case.

The claimant is a certain Oscar Cesar Espinoza who claims to be the great Fangio's son. While Fangio remained unmarried for his lifetime, he had a long relationship that ended in 1960 with Mr Espinoza's now deceased mother, Andrea Buerret.

At issue of course is recognition of the paternity, and, quite likely, further claims that may flow should Mr Espinoza be successful.

The exhumation, to take place on August 7, has been ordered by Judge Rodrigo Castaldo for DNA testing to settle the claim.

Fangio died aged 84 in July 1995 and is buried in his home town of Balcarce in Buenos Aires province; also the home town of Mr Espinoza, now 77, himself also a former race driver.

Image via grandprixhistory.org

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